IRISPowerscan 9 - 25PPM


Scan tons of documents from any high-speed scanner!

IRISPowerscan™ is your flexible solution to scan large volumes of documents very quickly from any high-speed scanner (up to 10,000 documents per computer per day!)

Classify and index your documents automatically

IRISPowerscan™ will identify and separate the scanned documents automatically through barcodes, patch codes, text detection, or even document layout alone! Once their type is known, documents can be indexed by extracting key data for further processing

Create clever files and durable archives

IRISPowerscan™ also allows you to convert your scans into fully editable and searchable files, in up to 130 different languages, in popular formats such as PDF, Word, XML, PDF/A...

Export your documents to your ECM (DMS, ERP, Cloud...)

A large number of optional connectors are available for integration with popular content management applications such as SharePoint®, Therefore™, Documentum, Filenet...
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